SYLO & Generative AI

AI meets creativity. Welcome to our game development team, where we're eagerly exploring new and exciting possibilities with generative AI.

Our ambition is to become the leading game company in actively integrating generative AI across all facets of game production. This includes areas such as game design, UI/UX, coding, and global operations.

Welcome to the era of Generative AI.

Following years of advancements in AI technology, we have now entered the era of generative AI. This form of AI enhances or even substitutes human creativity, capable of tasks in art, writing, music, and more. It's also driving new research and innovations, aiding in solving intricate challenges in game development and operations.

Generative AI Meets Mobile Gaming.

The combination of mobile gaming with generative AI technology is particularly exciting. It promises to significantly transform how mobile games are developed and experienced.

Explore the world of Generative AI.

We invite all game developers interested in generative AI to join us on the exciting journey we're embarking on with our "Game+AI rocket."

SYLO is situated in Apgujeong, a picturesque neighborhood in Seoul known for its blend of business, fashion, culture, and technology. Here, we provide a work environment that's both creative and exhilarating.
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